Itchy skin again?

Efazol has helped thousands of dogs

Tiny allergens enter through the skin and kick start the inflammation process
Your dog itches and scratches which makes the situation worse
Building a healthy skin barrier should be the foundation treatment
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) work from within to develop a healthy skin barrier against allergens
The EFAs in Efazol not only create a healthy barrier but also help reduce inflammation and itching

My Staffie, Milly has had skin problems since he was a puppy and was constantly scratching. We’d tried everything, then my vet recommended using Efazol. Not only did he stop scratching but his coat is now beautiful. That was 3 years ago and I still give him his Efazol on his biscuits every night.

Vanessa, Umghlanga Ridge, KZN

Our 8 year old spaniels both seem to have developed skin problems as they’ve got older. It took us ages to find a good food that they both love so we didn’t want to change again. A lady in the Vet Shop suggested Efazol and we can’t believe the difference it’s made. Thank you Efazol

Elmarie Van Staaden, Bailey and Bracken, Cape Town

We have an ongoing problem with our Ridgeback, Bismarck. It’s got so bad that the vet needs to give him Cortisone injections every month. About a year ago she also gave us Efazol to try. The improvement is remarkable. He still needs his occasional injections but now only 3 months apart.

Mr. & Mrs. Du Toit, Nelspruit

Our 3rd gorgeous rescue dog Zoe came with every possible condition you can imagine. Thankfully the one thing we knew how to get under control was her skin, thanks to our previous experience with Efazol

Graham and Yolande, Fourways