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Interview with Jade Hooke

By November 22, 2016Blog

We caught up with GCS-MAX sponsored rider Jade Hooke who recently competed in the SA Derby. On the eve of the South African Show Jumping Champs we asked her to give us some insight into how she came to own her very talented horse, A New Era.

CV: Tell us a little about your top horse, A New Era

JH: His birthday is on Christmas day. He is a very happy horse who loves his job as a show jumper. He’s extremely forward going in the ring but very quiet at home when there are no jumps involved. He has a massive heart and will try his hardest for me no matter what.

CV: Describe A New Era’s personality to us

JH: He’s very cheeky – he only likes carrots from Woolworths! He is always hungry. If I go away, he gets upset with me and then refuses to ‘neigh’ when he sees me for a few days after I return. We hardly ever fight but occasionally disagree on a few small things. I think that if he were a human, I would definitely choose him as my husband!

CV: What is his breeding?

JH: A New Era is a Namibian Warmblood.

CV: What made you decide to buy him?

JH: A woman told my Mom about him. The first time that I sat on him, I was totally ‘whipped’ (pardon the pun), I fell totally head over heels for him and dreamt about him solidly for a few weeks after! Soon after seeing him we went on holiday as a family in Mauritius and only at the end of that, did my parents eventually decide to buy him – it was a very long holiday!

CV: Describe the best ride that you ever had on A New Era?

JH: That’s tough as there are too many to choose from! Every day that I get to ride him is a blessing. Unfortunately he is getting on in age now, so I truly cherish every competition we still get to do to together.

CV: Do you do anything specific to keep A New Era in top condition?

JH: I have always used GCS-MAX joint care, as well as Omepracote, which is used to prevent ulcers. In addition, he is on regular deworming programme using Pegaquest, Pegamax, Pegasol and Pegaforte dewormers. A New Era is fed by Equi-Feeds, which has helped his condition hugely. For both supplements and feed, I wouldn’t choose to have him on anything else.

CV: Do you go to many shows outside of your province (Port Elizabeth)?

JH: Yes, I do compete outside of my province, at the moment I try and limit the amount of traveling A New Era does. I am waiting for my young horses to be in a position to join Era on the long trips, as it is tough travelling with one horse. Finances are always a challenge without a major financial sponsor. I have to pick and choose the most important competitions.

CV: Do you have an upcoming young horse that shows as much promise as A New Era did?

JH: I have two. The first is a 4-year-old Callaho baby and the second is a 7-year-old from Eagles Stud who is currently jumping 1,20m.

CV: What are your goals for 2017?

JH: I aim to compete as much as I am able to. In addition, I would like to teach more and hold regular jumping clinics around South Africa. I would also like to produce a few young, talented horses for myself – with the further aim of selling one or two of them along the way to still afford the sport.

CV: Who do you look up to in show jumping, and why?

JH: Tim Stockdale: he is one of the best show jumpers in the world. His way with his horses and team is admirable.

Jonathan Clark: I find him to be such a natural talent. He has a very calm manner about him.

Cipla Vet is proud to sponsor Jade Hooke and A New Era with GCS-MAX